Beef Box

El Salvador Bitcoin Beef

100% Grass fed, grass finished, Salvadorean beef. No hormones or antibiotics used during production, and no additives. Vacuum packed in high quality bags for long shelf life frozen, or refrigerated.

Mixed box or bag of at least 7 pounds, of mixed cuts, consisting of approximately half ground beef (3 or 4 approximately 1 pound bags), then 1 premium cut such as T Bone or Rib Eye, as well as 1 or 2 medium grade cuts such as sirloin or rump, and 1 low grade cut such as puyaso, ribs, or osso bucco.

Packed fresh immediately following butchering then frozen prior to delivery.

Delivery will occur on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday in the week after placing your order, by arrangement.

Please write detailed notes about the delivery in the extra information box.


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